New Beginnings

I am starting fresh.

After 20 years in the healthcare industry, I am moving away from hospitals and their naturally cumbersome requirements and moving into the outpatient surgery world.

My newest venture begins June 1st, 2016.  This is a leadership position with Surgical Care Affiliates — SCA.  I am extremely grateful that I was chosen to be a part of the team.

My new position is Charge Nurse, responsible for the daily operations of the busiest surgery center in Orange County, CA — La Veta Surgical Center. This is an important leadership opportunity for me. It is my responsibility to perform at the highest level, and serve my team.

The position was offered after a multi day interview process, beginning with a phone interview and moving to successively higher levels of interviewers.

It is time to create a new life. 

A new schedule will be in effect.  No more 12-hour shifts. No more being on call, ready to drop everything and come into the hospital for an emergency ectomy on a moment’s notice.

The new schedule will be Monday through Friday with holidays off and sleeping at night. Finally. The new life I have been looking for is becoming a reality.

Stay tuned. I will continue to write about anything and everything as the days unfold.