Assault on 300 Pounds

Here’s the way to get to this lofty goal in the bench press.

12 week bench press cycle: Train once per week every Wednesday.
Phase I
Week Power Grip Wide Grip Narrow Grip
28″ 32″ 22″
1 140x8x1 120x10x2 110x10x2
2 150x8x1 130x10x2 120x10x2
3 160x8x1 140x10x2 130x10x2
4 170x8x1 150x10x2 140x10x2
5 185x5x1 165x8x2 145x8x2
6 195x5x1 175x8x2 155x8x2
7 205x5x1 185x8x2 165x8x2
8 215x5x1 195x8x2 175x8x2
9 225x3x1 205x5x2 185x5x2
10 235x3x1 215x5x2 195x5x2
11 245x2x1 225x5x2 205x5x2
12 260×1 None None
Phase II:  Reestablish Homeostasis: Dumbbell Bench: 1 sec pause low.
Weight is per dumbbell.
Flat bench Incline bench
1 60x10x3 50x10x3
2 65x10x3 55x10x3
3 80x6x2 70x6x2
4 85x6x2 75x6x2
5 95x4x2 80x4x2
6 100x4x1 85x4x1
Phase III:  Assault on 300
Power Grip Wide Grip Narrow Grip
28″ 32″ 22″
1 215x5x4 185x5x2 175x5x2
2 225x5x3 195x5x2 185x5x2
3 235x5x2 205x5x2 195x5x2
4 245x5x1 215x5x2 205x5x2
5 255x3x4 225x3x2 215x3x2
6 265x3x2 235x3x2 225x3x2
7 275x2x2 245x2x2 235x2x2
8 285x2x1 255x2x2 245x2x2
9 300×1

Hormone Replacement Therapy Starts Today

Today I saw Dr. Sadeghi again after the results of the blood tests. I’m starting Testosterone in a prescribed amount, IM injection. I started the first dose today at 5 p.m. From now on, I’ll inject each evening before or after shower time and before bedtime. Two other special drug cocktails have been created, but I cannot recall their names. Once they arrive in the mail on Tuesday, I’ll update this blog.