Assault on 300 Pounds

Here’s the way to get to this lofty goal in the bench press.

12 week bench press cycle: Train once per week every Wednesday.
Phase I
Week Power Grip Wide Grip Narrow Grip
28″ 32″ 22″
1 140x8x1 120x10x2 110x10x2
2 150x8x1 130x10x2 120x10x2
3 160x8x1 140x10x2 130x10x2
4 170x8x1 150x10x2 140x10x2
5 185x5x1 165x8x2 145x8x2
6 195x5x1 175x8x2 155x8x2
7 205x5x1 185x8x2 165x8x2
8 215x5x1 195x8x2 175x8x2
9 225x3x1 205x5x2 185x5x2
10 235x3x1 215x5x2 195x5x2
11 245x2x1 225x5x2 205x5x2
12 260×1 None None
Phase II:  Reestablish Homeostasis: Dumbbell Bench: 1 sec pause low.
Weight is per dumbbell.
Flat bench Incline bench
1 60x10x3 50x10x3
2 65x10x3 55x10x3
3 80x6x2 70x6x2
4 85x6x2 75x6x2
5 95x4x2 80x4x2
6 100x4x1 85x4x1
Phase III:  Assault on 300
Power Grip Wide Grip Narrow Grip
28″ 32″ 22″
1 215x5x4 185x5x2 175x5x2
2 225x5x3 195x5x2 185x5x2
3 235x5x2 205x5x2 195x5x2
4 245x5x1 215x5x2 205x5x2
5 255x3x4 225x3x2 215x3x2
6 265x3x2 235x3x2 225x3x2
7 275x2x2 245x2x2 235x2x2
8 285x2x1 255x2x2 245x2x2
9 300×1

Hormone Replacement Therapy Starts Today

Today I saw Dr. Sadeghi again after the results of the blood tests. I’m starting Testosterone in a prescribed amount, IM injection. I started the first dose today at 5 p.m. From now on, I’ll inject each evening before or after shower time and before bedtime. Two other special drug cocktails have been created, but I cannot recall their names. Once they arrive in the mail on Tuesday, I’ll update this blog.

Personal Chemistry Evaluation

Visited with Dr. Sadeghi on Friday, June 9, 2017. She has ordered certain chemistry evaluations as part of my complete body makeover. As we age, our hormones also age. To my friends who are following my progress, I am providing a complete transparent play by play. Many are curious as to how this will all play out, as am I, especially. I will keep everyone up to date.

Here are the tests ordered:

DHEA Sulfate


Free Estradiol

Free T3

Free Testosterone

Sex hormone binding globulin

AM Cortisol

Complete metabolic panel

CBC with diff

Hemoglobin A1C

NMR LipoProfile


Testosterone, total

Thyroxine T4, Free

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

To support the above, the following diagnosis codes have been provided: 

E29.1 — Testicular Hypofunction

R63.5 — Abnormal weight gain

R68.82 — Decreased libido

K22.2 — Esophogeal obstruction

G47.01 — Insomnia due to medical condition

E66.9 — Obesity, unspecified

R53.83 — Other fatigue

Blood will be drawn on Wednesday, June 14, at 10:30 a.m. I will be fasting when the blood is drawn. Results of these tests will determine the cocktail prescribed, and my own work on my self will determine my personal health outcome. Stay tuned.

Knee Arthroscopy

It was 12 years ago that I had my first arthroscopy on the left knee. At that time, the meniscus was found to be torn, so it was trimmed. The pain I had before the procedure was gone.

On Friday, April 5, 2017, I had another knee arthroscopy on the same left knee. The pain had come back–for the last 5 months on and off at first, then every day, and aching at night when trying to sleep. Plus there was an unsettling popping from time to time when accidentally twisting and flexing the joint simultaneously.

The procedure went extremely well. Anesthesia was the best ever, with no residual drunkenness. Pain was never really an issue, and I didn’t get the Norco script filled. Just took a single Aleve, then a couple of Tylenol tabs six hours later. That’s it.

Kept a lot of ice on the knee Friday and Saturday. And a little ice on Sunday, which happened to be my birthday. I probably could have picked a better time to have this done, except when the doc says, “I have time Friday” which is two days away… well, there’s no time like the present to get this done.

Had to cancel my dive trip to Catalina on May 14, but it’ll happen again on June 10, so I’m planning on it. Should be 100% by then.

The Slow Carb Diet

The Slow Carb Diet

Rule #1:  Avoid “white” carbohydrates.

Anything that is, or can be, white. All bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas, and fried food with breading.  Don’t eat white stuff unless you want to get fatter.

Rule #2:  Eat the same few meals over and over again.

Mix and match from this list:


  • Eggs, whole, if they’re organic. Else, egg whites.
  • Chicken breast or thigh
  • Beef
  • Fish


  • Lentils
  • Black beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Red beans
  • Soybeans


  • Spinach
  • Mixed vegetables, including all cruciferous
  • Sauerkraut, kimchee
  • Asparagus
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans

Eat as much of the food items above as you like, but keep it simple. Pick three or four meals and repeat them. Vegetables are not calorically dense, so you need to add legumes for caloric load. Meals should be approximately 4 hours apart.

Rule #3:  Don’t drink calories.

Drink massive amounts of water, unsweetened tea, coffee or other no-calorie beverages as you like. Don’t drink milk, normal soft drinks, or fruit juice. Aspartame in diet drinks can stimulate weight gain.

Rule #4:  Don’t eat fruit.

Just say no to fruit and its principle sugar, fructose. Fructose is converted to glycerol phosphate, which turns to triglycerides via the liver, then to fat storage.

Rule #5:  Take one day off per week.

Use Saturdays as your Dieters Gone Wild day. This will ensure your metabolic rate (thyroid function and conversion of T4 to T3) doesn’t downshift from extended calorie restriction.

There is absolutely no calorie counting on this diet.

Questions, objections, observations, should be brought forth as soon as you think them. There are solutions to every objection.

This is the diet used by Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Body. It works, or so he says. Now we need to try it.

Occam’s Protocol Workout

Started September 20, 2016

Workout A

  • Machine close grip supinated pull-down, 7 reps to failure, 5/5 cadence
  • Machine shoulder press, 7 reps to failure, 5/5 cadence

Workout B

  • Slight incline/decline bench press, 7 reps to failure, 5/5 cadence
  • Leg press, 10 reps to failure, 5/5 cadence
  • Stationary bike x 3 minutes at 85 RPM to minimize leg soreness


Remember this:  The objective is to fail, to reach the point where you can no longer move the weight, at seven or more repetitions at a 5/5 cadence.

The longer time under tension for the lower body will elicit a full-body growth hormone response while also stimulating the formation of new capillaries, which will improve nutrient delivery.

Micronutrient Laboratory Testing

Use the lab at SpectraCell for measuring various blood related items. It’s a micronutrient testing lab. To find clinicians, go to



Address: 946 W. Town and Country Rd. Bld B Orange, California 92868 (Map)
Phone: 855-570-3926
*Patient must bring Spectracell kit and requisition.  Please call ahead to schedule appointment.


Testosterone Protocol

Protocol 1: Long term and sustained

Fermented cod liver oil + vitamin rich butter fat — 2 capsules upon waking and before bed

Vitamin D3 — 3,000 to 5,000 IU upon waking and before bed until blood levels reach 55 ng/mL

Short cold showers 10 minutes each, upon waking and before bed

Brazil nuts x3 morning and night if deficient in selenium.

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. Eat 4 boiled eggs within 3 hours of bedtime the night before you want to have incredible sex.

I have no idea if any of this actually works, since it’s all based on another person’s experience. As for me, I’m going to go a different route and us BHRT–BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. More on that when I get to it.

Bulking with Occam’s Protocol

Follow Occam’s protocol for 30 days and see what happens. Start date:  Sept 20, 2016

Sept 20 was an A day, first day. Then, 23=B, 26=A, 29=B.

October 3=A, 7=B, 11=A, 15=B, 19=A, 23=B.  Evaluate progress at end.

Weight=212 at 12:45 p.m. after workout and consumption of shake, with shoes on bathroom scale.

Bicep flexed: R=14.5 in, L=14.5 in

Chest: 44.5 in

Waist: 39 in

Right thigh: 18 in measured 5 inches above the knee, seated

Left thigh: 18 in

Those are enough measurements to get going with. In 30 days, we’ll see what comes up and report back here.

High Calorie Meal

Easiest to consume high calorie meal, according to 4-hour body:

Macaroni, durum whole wheat, mixed with water packed canned tuna, and fat-free turkey/bean chili.

Mix the macaroni with a can of tuna and as much chili as you like, microwave it for one minute on high. Add a little milk or butter with the macaroni.  Have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you can manage it.