What Did I Do?

Good question. What did I actually accomplish today, and does it matter to anyone? Taking the question at face value, and not trying to read more into it than is meant, here’s the answer.

I showed up on time, even if I did set my own time to be there. I solved a whole bunch of problems that other people have. I did some counseling. I spent time showing a fellow RN a new surgery center. I listened, laughed, questioned, and took a walk. Listened some more, and made some suggestions.

I filled out forms, highlighted passages in a book, and sat in a chair while listening to a co-worker explain how not giving a fuck is a good thing. I bought a book on how not to give a fuck. Because I’m sure I’ve been giving too many away.

My accomplishments every day are immense. Here’s a list of things that I can do well:

Lay tile.

Build speaker cabinets

Build pipe organs

Solder wires

Weld aluminum and steel

Paint with watercolors

Edit video

Shoot video

Speak into a microphone on the radio

Play the piano

Water ski

Snow ski

Ride dirt bikes in the desert

Race my corvette at Willow Springs

Fix broken shit

Install a dishwasher

Install a garbage disposal

Repair almost anything that breaks

Wire a house

Install cabinets

Install crown moulding

Use hand tools of any shape and size

Make pens on a lathe

Engrave names on pens using a CO2 laser

Build engines

Build mini bikes with engines purchased from Harbor Freight

Upgrade said engines with new carburetors, valves, and pipes

Change the oil on any car

Change the brake pads on my Corvette

Hang pictures

Paint pictures with an airbrush

Paint a fence with an airbrush

Sell airbrush paintings I’ve created

Create watercolor paintings and sell them to people who think they look cool

Build a loft

Build a deck and install a hot tub on the deck

Replace the inner tube in a bicycle tire

Replace the inner tube in a motorcycle tire

Drill round holes in square pieces of wood and metal

Lift heavy weights in the gym

Do advanced life support maneuvers on helpless humans

Start an IV

Create a spreadsheet that calculates “what if’ budget statements

Scuba dive

Pilot a boat

Kiss my wife

Keep track of my training in the gym through thorough documentation

Circulate any kind of surgical case

Bail people out of jams

Memorize new piano music

And the list goes on. Some have called me a renaissance man. I don’t know what that means, but I like the sound of it.

Seven Core Values

Character: Your Guiding Light

A great leader not only knows what his or her values are, they allow those values to guide every decision. There are seven core values listed here, of which I subscribe with all my strength:

1. Honesty.  We deal with one another in a straight-forward manner. 

Honesty is the key building block of trust. In terms of leadership, being honest boils down to being sincere and forthright to everyone. Ask, “What if I’m not totally honest and my team finds out?”

2. Integrity. We act in a manner consistent with our words and beliefs. 

You can’t just give lip service to your principles, morals, and values; you have to live them every day. Leaders don’t just preach good character, they embody it.

3. Respect. We treat others with care and consideration. 

You want respect, and so does everyone else, so think about what it means to you and you’ll understand how to give it to others. Treat people with care and consideration and they’ll go the extra mile. Treat them with disrespect and they’ll undermine you at every opportunity.

4. Courage. We pursue beliefs with strength and perseverance. 

Having the courage to tell the truth may not make you popular, but it pays off in respect.  More importantly, it pays off in self-respect.

5. Openness. We share information freely. 

When you ensure that everyone has access to information, you send the message that everyone is important and you want each person to participate. You must set an example of openness if you expect to be trusted. Not trust = no credibility.  No credibility = no influence. If you don’t have influence, you’ll be a leader in title only.

6. Diversity.  We seek, value, and respect differences among our teammates. 

RAVE–respect, appreciate, and value everyone. The great goal is complete and total inclusiveness, nothing less.

7. Balance. We strive for stability and vitality in our lives. 

People with balanced lives do the best work. You should be happy at home and happy at work, and healthy in body and mind, because that’s what makes organizations strong.