Glucose Challenge Results

Here are my numbers from the glucose challenge I conducted today. All numbers are in milligrams per deciliter. Numbers arrived at from using the glucose monitoring device. I used Dextrose for the sugar, and consumed 75 grams for the challenge. All consumption was accomplished in a two minute time segment.
Fasting: 88
Hour one: 171
Hour two: 122
Hour three: 73
This makes sense to me. The fasting level of 88 was at 12 hours from the last meal. At hour three, it had been 15 hours since I consumed any food (other than the 75g of sugar), thus the lower number (73) compared to the initial number (88) at 12 hours.
This tells me I’m doing something right. I will carry on doing exactly what I’ve been doing, with the addition of the supplements outlined in Get Serious. Unless anyone can offer advice to improve my numbers, I’m pretty sure I’m on the right path here.
I expect my next round of blood tests to be dramatically improved in the lipid panel as well.

Get Serious

The book is GET SERIOUS.  The author is neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn. The exercise plan spreadsheet document is available by clicking this link ==> Get Serious Weight Training Rev 3

  • Always attempt to better your previous training. Increase weight 5 pounds when you achieve the 5×5 or 3×8 scheme. Never train to absolute failure. You must be able to manage each rep with proper form without a spotter. Rest periods between heavy 5×5 sets are 3 minutes max.
  • Training for strength will allow you handle heavier weight during hypertrophy sets (3×8). Rest periods are 60 to 90 seconds max between hypertrophy sets.
  • Strong does not always equate to size. In this protocol, however, you will train to be both big and strong.

Now get serious!

Before And After Photos

Age 56. I need some help.

I don’t have an after photo yet, so here’s the before. This is age 56, photo taken on June 10, 2017. I’m on a scuba diving adventure aboard the Cee Ray dive boat. In the cup is orange juice, and on the plate is a sweet roll. Tons or carbs are eaten between dives, as this particular activity really sucks the energy out of your body. I’ll get another pose like this in 90 days and we’ll see how things are coming along.

First Odd Scuba Dive


Searching diligently for the neighbor’s lost contact lens. 

Today I made my first real dive. Even it was a technical event, with a maximum depth of 2 feet and an average of 1 foot with 12 minutes total time underwater.

Where was I? You’ve probably already figured it out. My 500 gallon hot tub was today’s dive of choice.

I’m not certified, haven’t taken my first official class, though I have completed the SSI computerized module for Open Water Diver. I’m extremely mechanically inclined, so didn’t feel at all out of sorts during this dive. Tested all equipment before submerging, with the knowledge that should I run out of air, well, it’s not really that far to the surface, right?

Oh yea!!

With total abandon, I plunged into the mental abyss. So cool. I mean, hot! I was literally in hot water, in a good way of course. It was so cool to be hot. This was the coolest hot thing I’ve done in forever.

Regulators worked perfectly. I changed to my secondary then back to primary. Check. No issues. Cleared a little water that had accumulated in the chamber, then went to breathing like a fish. Did some fiddling with the pressure valve on the reg, but at this depth, it’s pretty much not going to do anything.

The boyancy control vest was cool. Inflate, deflate. All systems, check. Dive computer… perfect. Water temperature was 103 degrees. Visibility crystal clear. Filters in the tub, yes, there they sat, looking all filterish. This was probably the coolest thing ever, and I haven’t even dipped a fin into a pool yet.

Soon, I’ll get all fishy-like and turn this into something real.

I start my first class April 29. Four hours classroom, four hours pool. I’m ready. I’m pumped. And I’m totally going to love this “whole new world” I’m about to explore.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, stop thinking and do it. I’m sure you’ll wonder why you took “forever” to make the decision and take action. That’s what other diving friends have said to me repeatedly–“you’re going to love it.” And you know what? They’re absolutely right!


The dog seems concerned. Is he going to come up for air anytime soon?

One more thing. The dive computer didn’t log this dive, even though it did provide me with details of the dive in real time. No logging since the depth wasn’t sufficient to be considered “real.” Oh well. My logged dives are coming up soon enough.


— Photo credits:  Tami Glander

High Calorie Meal

Easiest to consume high calorie meal, according to 4-hour body:

Macaroni, durum whole wheat, mixed with water packed canned tuna, and fat-free turkey/bean chili.

Mix the macaroni with a can of tuna and as much chili as you like, microwave it for one minute on high. Add a little milk or butter with the macaroni.  Have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you can manage it.