Purchased a 2016 Corvette Z51 Stingray in August, 2016. The car has been heavily modified, which is my usual method of operation. Leaving nothing to chance, and certainly nothing stock, I set out to create a vehicle only I could imagine.

The base car is fabulous. Many people leave them completely stock. My friend Mark just drove his 183 mph, which turns out is the top speed for his car. Mark is a retired CHP officer, so he has his get out jail free card and can drive without concern for tickets. Lucky guy. But I digress.




My car’s first order of business was the installation of a blower. I chose Edelbrock’s E Force 2300. It fits under the hood and provides an added 100 horses to the wheels.

Next was a suspension upgrade. PFADT Racing coilovers were added and the leaf springs deleted. All Corvettes come with factory leaf springs instead of coil springs. The “leafs” run transverse (side to side) and flex to support the car over the bumps.

Removing the OEM springs was no easy task, but was worth the effort. The car rides completely flat through the corners now, and at the racetrack it’s now complete control. No body sway or roll. Better even than that, what I call “butt dive” has been completely eliminated.



These PFADT coilovers do the trick.  The car still rides nice, which is a great benefit.


Top speed of the car is estimated to be 200 mph now. Acceleration is amazing, and the engine benefits from a custom tune created by Nathan Bates. There really is no other car like this one.






Installation of the NavTool system for cameras and mirroring my iPhone may be found here.

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