Crescent Bay Laguna Beach

I decided to get down to Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach to see what it’s all about, since the dive class was cancelled, just to check it out. 

The dive class was cancelled due to high surf, but my legs still work, so I checked it out. About that “high surf”… well, there were a few 3 footers that came crashing through, but I think it would have been possible to get through with the right timing. I guess it’s too much risk for the newbies, so when surf is 1-2 feet, that’s when we’ll go again.

There’s a nice easy approach with no steps to this beach. There’s also an approach on the north end with steps. Either way works. For me, I’ll choose the steps. Less chance to slip when carrying 80 pounds of gear. I can’t imagine falling down loaded up with everything. Something would probably break, most likely me.

The beach seems nice enough. It was morning, around 8 a.m.  and the tide was beginning to come in. I didn’t stay too long, just long enough to have a look around and take some photographs, which appear on this page.

Photo below is looking to the south. I don’t know who’s in the picture. Some local person most likely. Or a visitor form Kansas? I also wonder who lives in the home perched along the edge of the cliff. So many cool places.

Check this out. The place is out of this world. Conjures up all sorts of stories in my mind.

Looks like a good place to dive from. Easy access, and the reef appears to be easy to reach as well. Being stuck on the surface for the time being, due to recent knee surgery, this is the best I can do until the wounds are healed and I can get in the water.

Photo below, looking north. Reminds me a bit of Dana Point, the way the earth juts out into the ocean.

At least I know where we will be diving from now, and carrying the gear won’t be an issue. The steps below are one way up or down. I think I’ll use the steps instead of the path because the steps are just easier for me.

After exploring the beach and the approach to the beach, it was time to head back to the car. Since I’m recuperating from surgery, I had to ride shotgun in this beast. Oh, it’s such a chore to ride in the Corvette. It would have been easier to get into the car if the curbing wasn’t nearly at the same level as the floor of the car. Anyway, I made it. My journey to Crescent Bay is complete for now. Next time I go, it will be with my gear for my first ocean dive.




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