Do Your People Care?

It’s an honest question. I ask it because I believe a lot of people really don’t give a shit what you think. If you’re in a role that requires accomplishments, and you need people to achieve said accomplishment, you’re hosed if nobody cares.

Why should people care what you think? Well, maybe if you actually cared about your people, and it was obvious to them, you’d be able to get that work done.

The age of being the boss is over. I don’t want someone telling me what to do, and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do. I’m self motivated. I’ve been in my business for two decades. Do I know everything? I may pretend to, but I don’t.

I’m honest with the people I lead and manage. I’m forthright. I comfortable in my own skin and not intimidated by anyone. I have no problem with being acting less than my age. I like Disneyland, and Goofy is my favorite character.

Why should people care what you think? Assuming you have good material to deliver, assuming you’re in a role where you need people to deliver, you may want their cooperation without making demands. You might enjoy more peace and less stress on the job if you’re a leader who can manage people.

Do your people follow you? Are they interested in helping you achieve your goals, or do they sandbag you? Do they set you up for failure? And if they do, why is that? It might just be that you’re an asshole.

Yes, everyone has one, but not everyone is one.

My goal is to demonstrate caring through my compassion. When people believe you care about them, and see this caring demonstrated by your actions, not just your cheap-ass words, it will make a difference. You see, caring is really action. If it means doing the chores and tasks the janitor does, so be it. Lead by example.

Your people will care about you when you demonstrate you care about them. Dictators are horrible bosses. Bosses are horrible bosses. The word “boss” is an old, worn out, useless term. Useless if you want to accomplish anything with your team. If you even have a team.

Change is easier when you realize you can change, and start making small changes. Look deep inside your mind, asses your thoughts, consider what you value.  Are you an asshole? Does anyone care?

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