Get Serious

The book is GET SERIOUS.  The author is neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn. The exercise plan spreadsheet document is available by clicking this link ==> Get Serious Weight Training Rev 3

  • Always attempt to better your previous training. Increase weight 5 pounds when you achieve the 5×5 or 3×8 scheme. Never train to absolute failure. You must be able to manage each rep with proper form without a spotter. Rest periods between heavy 5×5 sets are 3 minutes max.
  • Training for strength will allow you handle heavier weight during hypertrophy sets (3×8). Rest periods are 60 to 90 seconds max between hypertrophy sets.
  • Strong does not always equate to size. In this protocol, however, you will train to be both big and strong.

Now get serious!

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