Glucose Challenge Results

Here are my numbers from the glucose challenge I conducted today. All numbers are in milligrams per deciliter. Numbers arrived at from using the glucose monitoring device. I used Dextrose for the sugar, and consumed 75 grams for the challenge. All consumption was accomplished in a two minute time segment.
Fasting: 88
Hour one: 171
Hour two: 122
Hour three: 73
This makes sense to me. The fasting level of 88 was at 12 hours from the last meal. At hour three, it had been 15 hours since I consumed any food (other than the 75g of sugar), thus the lower number (73) compared to the initial number (88) at 12 hours.
This tells me I’m doing something right. I will carry on doing exactly what I’ve been doing, with the addition of the supplements outlined in Get Serious. Unless anyone can offer advice to improve my numbers, I’m pretty sure I’m on the right path here.
I expect my next round of blood tests to be dramatically improved in the lipid panel as well.
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