Hormonal Pathway

DHEA is secreted by the adrenal glands and is the “mother hormone” that is converted to Testosterone and other hormones. DHEA declines with age, as do most hormones.

Testosterone breaks down into Estradiol (estrogen) and DHT (among other things, of course).

Anastrozole blocks the breakdown of Testosterone into estrogen.

Pregnenalone blocks the breakdown of Testosterone into  DHT.

DHT is related to hair loss and prostate enlargement.

I am currently on a prescribed dose of:

  1. Anastrazole 0.125mg, one capsule daily M-F. None taken on weekends.
  2. Pregnenalone 75mg + DHEA 25mg slow release, one capsule every day. (Remember, DHEA declines with age.)
  3. Testosterone 7 units injected IM daily with insulin syringe. (Testosterone decline with age.)

This cocktail has helped me considerably. Nearly 30 pounds of belly fat, visceral fat, and generalize body fat have disappeared. Combined with a vegan diet and high intensity weigh lifting and two day per week 10-minute high intensity interval training on an elliptical machine, I have not only lost fat, but have defined and increased muscularity.

Abdominal work is now a daily addition to my gym routine. Abs are beginning to show, and more definition is appearing in the obliques.

Yesterday in the gym, a complete stranger complimented my on my appearance, thinking I was in my 40s. Others have said I look younger. I am definitely feeling great, and have the ability to lift heavy weight with high intensity on a simple plant based diet. Emphasis on SIMPLE.

There appears to be no downside to any of this. I am an living, breathing laboratory experiment. Please do not attempt to copy anything I’ve done without checking with your own physician, or setting up an appointment with Dr. Angie Sadeghi.

I will explain my weekday diet in a separate post.

Finally, don’t waste your money on “natural Testosterone increasing supplements.” Go straight to the source. Get yourself an appointment with a qualified specialist who will get your blood evaluated, and prescribe what is best for your personal needs.

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