Lost Wallet

Sometimes I loose stuff. When I do, it’s nice to know that whomever finds my stuff will be able to contact me. This has happened many times.

My wallet has been left on the Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland. It’s been left in a McDonald’s joint. Both times it was returned. But finding my phone number wasn’t easy.

I decided to make it easy, so I had my number laser engraved on the wallet. Now, anyone who finds it can just call the number.

It’s a good thing I did this. Because yet again, I left the wallet behind. This time in an airport. The person who found it turned it in, and the airport security people called me. I had the wallet the next day by Federal Express. The person who called me jokingly said, “It looks like this has happened before. I’ve never seen a phone number engraved on a wallet before.”

Well, thank you. The wallet is now chained to my person, so it should not happen again. But just in case, there’s a phone number engraved on the leather.

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