My 90 Day Schedule

For the next 90 days, I’m following a planned out schedule of training in the gym. It is brutal. Not created for the faint of heart. It will turn my marshmallow belly into a polished slab of abs I can be proud of.

Use the amount of weight that will take me to failure between 8 and 12 reps. I do this with all exercises. If I have gas left in the tank, I’ll take it past 12, and certainly to failure. If I can do 13, I increase the weight the next time, or shorten my rest periods between sets.

Monday: Weight training day. Upper body.

Tuesdays are abs and HIIT.

Wednesday: Weight training. Lower body, posterior chain.

Thursdays are abs and HIIT.

Friday it’s back to the weights again. Upper body.

This schedule has different exercises on M, W, F. It’s all written down. Every rep, every set, is written down in my log book. Documentation allows me to know what I’ve done before, and either increase the weight, shorten the rest period, or increase the number of reps. For me, documentation is critically important.

In 90 days, I should be at 10% body fat. The development of my abdominal muscles, as well as definition of all muscles, will tell the story. Stay tuned.

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