My 90 Day Schedule

For the next 90 days, I’m following a planned out schedule of training in the gym. It is brutal. Not created for the faint of heart. It will turn my marshmallow belly into a polished slab of abs I can be proud of.

Use the amount of weight that will take me to failure between 8 and 12 reps. I do this with all exercises. If I have gas left in the tank, I’ll take it past 12, and certainly to failure. If I can do 13, I increase the weight the next time, or shorten my rest periods between sets.

Monday: Weight training day. Upper body.

Tuesdays are abs and HIIT.

Wednesday: Weight training. Lower body, posterior chain.

Thursdays are abs and HIIT.

Friday it’s back to the weights again. Upper body.

This schedule has different exercises on M, W, F. It’s all written down. Every rep, every set, is written down in my log book. Documentation allows me to know what I’ve done before, and either increase the weight, shorten the rest period, or increase the number of reps. For me, documentation is critically important.

In 90 days, I should be at 10% body fat. The development of my abdominal muscles, as well as definition of all muscles, will tell the story. Stay tuned.

Today’s Training: Day ONE Abs and HIIT

This was an ab and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) day. It is DAY ONE of a systematic progressive overload program to take me to 10% body fat in the next 3 months, coupled with a vegan diet. Just watch what happens.

After 90 days, I’ll begin a different eating program, still vegan, but with far more calories and protein in order to begin adding muscular size and weight.


Started with 10 minutes of elliptical, broken down as follows:

  1. 2 minute warm-up
  2. 30 second all out burst
  3. 2 minute cool down
  4. 30 second all out burst
  5. 2 minute cool down
  6. 30 second all out burst
  7. 2 minute cool down

When that’s completed, move to abs, as follows:

  1. Machine crunch, 145×8, 130×12, 130×12. Second two sets taken to failure.
  2. Machine side crunch, left and right, 100×12, 100×12
  3. Knees up in the dip rack, body weight: 19, 12, 12.  Each set taken to failure.
  4. Rowing machine, 25 pulls, 15 pulls. Moderate tension on the indicator.

Drink water, wipe away sweat, and prepare for tomorrow’s all out assault. Do not give up. When you feel like you can’t do anymore, do another one. The gym is not a place to show off. I am there to do battle with myself and the iron. Either increase the intensity, increase the weight, or increase the reps.

Failure is the expectation, and recovery from failure will take you to newer heights. Push yourself HARD. Life is for living, do not give up. Never surrender. Live to fight another day, and always fight the good fight.

October 2017: Progress Report

Where am I now? After beginning this journey back in July 2017, I’ve come a significant distance. The photos below were taken yesterday.

  • Weight: 195 pounds (started at 215)
  • Body fat: Guessing, but probably around 18%. Goal is 10 to 12%.
  • Height:  6′ 4″
  • Free Testosterone level: 18.9
  • Testosterone, serum: 1033
  • DHEA level:  150 (working to raise this) max safe level is 701

Additional labs will be drawn in January. Another 90 days of working out, eating right, with a goal of 10% body fat by January 1, 2018. Then I’ll work on bulking.

Here’s yesterday’s photos. I’m telling you, this way of eating is making me younger and younger. My body is responding in a most dramatic fashion. You can do the same with focus and belief in yourself, and changing your lifestyle.

October 2016. 55 Years old. I was carrying an extra 25 pounds of visceral and belly fat. Weight 215 pounds.

Me at 56 years old. October 2017. 195 pounds.

Body Style

The photo here is the type of look I’m going to achieve. I need a little motivation from time to time, and this is good for me to think about.

Greg Plitt was on more covers of more magazines for 5 years. No longer with us, Greg remains an inspiration. He was 6’1″ tall. I’m 6’4″ tall. I should be able to get somewhat close to this ideal. My muscle bellies are probably just a little longer. The key is symmetry and proportion. With those in mind, I’ll continue to work.

Another possibility is working as a fitness model. At my age, I should be in demand, as the older guys begin to realize that life after 40 doesn’t have to a slow slide into the grave. Instead, let’s build vibrant health that we can bank on for 100 years.

Greg Plitt

Assault on 300 Pounds

Here’s the way to get to this lofty goal in the bench press.

12 week bench press cycle: Train once per week every Wednesday.
Phase I
Week Power Grip Wide Grip Narrow Grip
28″ 32″ 22″
1 140x8x1 120x10x2 110x10x2
2 150x8x1 130x10x2 120x10x2
3 160x8x1 140x10x2 130x10x2
4 170x8x1 150x10x2 140x10x2
5 185x5x1 165x8x2 145x8x2
6 195x5x1 175x8x2 155x8x2
7 205x5x1 185x8x2 165x8x2
8 215x5x1 195x8x2 175x8x2
9 225x3x1 205x5x2 185x5x2
10 235x3x1 215x5x2 195x5x2
11 245x2x1 225x5x2 205x5x2
12 260×1 None None
Phase II:  Reestablish Homeostasis: Dumbbell Bench: 1 sec pause low.
Weight is per dumbbell.
Flat bench Incline bench
1 60x10x3 50x10x3
2 65x10x3 55x10x3
3 80x6x2 70x6x2
4 85x6x2 75x6x2
5 95x4x2 80x4x2
6 100x4x1 85x4x1
Phase III:  Assault on 300
Power Grip Wide Grip Narrow Grip
28″ 32″ 22″
1 215x5x4 185x5x2 175x5x2
2 225x5x3 195x5x2 185x5x2
3 235x5x2 205x5x2 195x5x2
4 245x5x1 215x5x2 205x5x2
5 255x3x4 225x3x2 215x3x2
6 265x3x2 235x3x2 225x3x2
7 275x2x2 245x2x2 235x2x2
8 285x2x1 255x2x2 245x2x2
9 300×1

Hormone Replacement Therapy Starts Today

Today I saw Dr. Sadeghi again after the results of the blood tests. I’m starting Testosterone in a prescribed amount, IM injection. I started the first dose today at 5 p.m. From now on, I’ll inject each evening before or after shower time and before bedtime. Two other special drug cocktails have been created, but I cannot recall their names. Once they arrive in the mail on Tuesday, I’ll update this blog.

Before And After Photos

Age 56. I need some help.

I don’t have an after photo yet, so here’s the before. This is age 56, photo taken on June 10, 2017. I’m on a scuba diving adventure aboard the Cee Ray dive boat. In the cup is orange juice, and on the plate is a sweet roll. Tons or carbs are eaten between dives, as this particular activity really sucks the energy out of your body. I’ll get another pose like this in 90 days and we’ll see how things are coming along.

Personal Chemistry Evaluation

Visited with Dr. Sadeghi on Friday, June 9, 2017. She has ordered certain chemistry evaluations as part of my complete body makeover. As we age, our hormones also age. To my friends who are following my progress, I am providing a complete transparent play by play. Many are curious as to how this will all play out, as am I, especially. I will keep everyone up to date.

Here are the tests ordered:

DHEA Sulfate


Free Estradiol

Free T3

Free Testosterone

Sex hormone binding globulin

AM Cortisol

Complete metabolic panel

CBC with diff

Hemoglobin A1C

NMR LipoProfile


Testosterone, total

Thyroxine T4, Free

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

To support the above, the following diagnosis codes have been provided: 

E29.1 — Testicular Hypofunction

R63.5 — Abnormal weight gain

R68.82 — Decreased libido

K22.2 — Esophogeal obstruction

G47.01 — Insomnia due to medical condition

E66.9 — Obesity, unspecified

R53.83 — Other fatigue

Blood will be drawn on Wednesday, June 14, at 10:30 a.m. I will be fasting when the blood is drawn. Results of these tests will determine the cocktail prescribed, and my own work on my self will determine my personal health outcome. Stay tuned.

Cru Cafe Opens

The grand opening of Crü Cafe is Friday, June 2nd. We stopped by today for a soft opening. Had sandwiches, coffee, and pastries. There’s a large heavy wood table for 8, smaller tables for couples or singles.

An enviting couch is placed with a low table in front of a faux fireplace. This could be very comfortable in the winter months, and was certainly looked good on this particularly warm summer-ish day in May.

Music in the styles of Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. played on the sound system.

The owner, Izell, was a Marine and served in Afghanistan. Supporting our wonderful American-owned businesses here at home is a pleasure. Her daughter brought food and drinks to our table, was very personable, and along with her mom was willing to accommodate the desires of two somewhat choosy individuals.

I made the suggestion to include lemon bars, because they’re my favorite, and I would stop by often just for those tasty delights. Hopefully they follow up and include them in their mix of pastries, sandwiches and hot and cold beverages.

Crü Cafe is located in Mission Viejo, in the old Von’s shopping center on Los Alisos, just down the road from the Ayres Suites you can see from the 241 Toll Road. It will a good place to stop at early or late. Very nice environment, food was excellent, and service fantastic. I know they’ve signed a 5 year lease, so wishing them every success. So far, excellently done.

Click here for their Facebook page.