October 2017: Progress Report

Where am I now? After beginning this journey back in July 2017, I’ve come a significant distance. The photos below were taken yesterday.

  • Weight: 195 pounds (started at 215)
  • Body fat: Guessing, but probably around 18%. Goal is 10 to 12%.
  • Height:  6′ 4″
  • Free Testosterone level: 18.9
  • Testosterone, serum: 1033
  • DHEA level:  150 (working to raise this) max safe level is 701

Additional labs will be drawn in January. Another 90 days of working out, eating right, with a goal of 10% body fat by January 1, 2018. Then I’ll work on bulking.

Here’s yesterday’s photos. I’m telling you, this way of eating is making me younger and younger. My body is responding in a most dramatic fashion. You can do the same with focus and belief in yourself, and changing your lifestyle.

October 2016. 55 Years old. I was carrying an extra 25 pounds of visceral and belly fat. Weight 215 pounds.

Me at 56 years old. October 2017. 195 pounds.

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