Training and Development

Reading the book Creating Magic, by Lee Cockerell. The following comes directly from the book.


If you have to ask whether you’re doing enough to train and develop your people, the answer is you’re probably not. There is no magic number for the number of hours needed, and no hard data on this. However, there are questions you can and should ask yourself on a regular basis:

  • Do the teammates act as though they just have a job, or do they perform with a sense of purpose?
  • Can every teammate explain the organization’s vision or purpose?
  • How easy is it for teammates to access opportunities to learn?
  • How many people have been developed and promoted under my leadership?
  • How many classes, courses, or seminars does the organization offer? How many do I personally conduct?
  • How often do experts from inside or outside the organization share their knowledge with the teammates?
  • What are our results on measures of customer and teammate satisfaction?
  • Have those results improved steadily or declined?
  • How does our organization stack up on performance indicators?

Remember that great teachers usually make great leaders. Make it a priority to give everyone the tools, coaching, and sense of purpose he or she needs to be the very best.

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