Why Choose Sea Stallion Scuba?

I was looking for a place close to home to do my scuba training. A place that would fit my schedule, be easy to work with, and have some personality. A shop where I could get my questions answered, even the ones I didn’t know I had.

I picked Sea Stallion Scuba after typing “scuba training” into Google. It came up as a location close to my workplace, and not too far from my home. Thinking it would be worth checking into, I stopped in after work.

Jules greeted me with a cheery hello. At first she thought I was an instructor looking for a new BC. Not sure how that happened, but after giving her proper info, she quickly understood I was a total diving newbie looking to get started.

I must have spent a solid hour just asking questions. She answered every one of them and never put any pressure on to make a decision about anything. Just cheerfully went about sharing her passion for diving.

Fortunately for me, there was nobody else in the shop that day. Maybe not the best for them, but for me, having her undivided attention was crucial to my success.

Before I left, I purchased a mask and snorkel. I felt I needed to begin a pact with myself to “do this.”

The next day, I was back. I signed up for classes and a boat dive off Catalina. And bought a regulator.

Then I bought a wetsuit, a BC, fins, gloves, booties, my Octo, and a computer. I mean, I did a total dive package, purchasing like a crazed person. I didn’t want to do my training in rented gear.

Overall, Sea Stallion took in nearly $4,000 from me alone. I was happy to hand over the money.

The bottom line is simple. If Jules had not been as gracious and sweet as she was, I may not have pulled the trigger like I did. I don’t know what I would have done or not done. Sales is a funny thing. The customer often doesn’t know what is really wanted or needed. Sometimes the customer just has cash to burn, and wants the best stuff. Other times they may be on a budget.

Regardless of the customer’s means, what is most important is that the sales person, Jules in this case, treats them with decency and makes them feel important. There is a desire to be treated well, and to strike up a relationship with the dive shop people, that can only be met by people who sincerely care about other people. Or, if they really don’t give a shit, they fake it really well. I can see through the fakery, however, and so can others.

I highly recommend Sea Stallion Scuba. In fact, one of my work mates is using them for her training now. And a couple of other friends are going on the boat dive to Catalina, at my recommendation. See how one thing leads to another? I’m sure Sea Stallion Scuba will benefit from Jules’ exemplary actions over and over again.

Finally, I should mention Steve. He was just as helpful, and knows the technical stuff inside out. A great guy. Should you visit the shop, I hope you find your experience to be as great as I have found mine.

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