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Praise for the podcast…

Listen on Spotify, Apple, Anchor, all the usual places you hear podcasts.

Podcasting topics are health focused. I interview healthcare providers and consumers.

Tips to promote your podcast:

  1. Share the link to your podcast on your social media site, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each podcast has a unique title and link.
  2. Use the podcast as a teaching platform.
  3. Promote your practice to a captive audience driving in their cars or exercising while listening to podcasts.
  4. Expand your teaching skills by talking to specific listeners, such as students.
  5. Assign a podcast to students where they can learn more about the things you don’t have time to talk about in class.
  6. Think of a podcast as a means to share material that can easily be consumed while driving or exercising.

Audio tracks voiced and produced in my Orange County, CA studio:

Tom Glander Commercial, Conceptual and Medical Demos

Tom Glander Medical Narration (Raw, unproduced voice)

More VO work is hosted at Sound Cloud. Visit this link to listen: https://soundcloud.com/tom-glander

Use this email address to discuss your project: tom@tomglander.com
Reach me by text or voice on my smart phone: (949) 351-6297

Book Hooks for Authors feature my voice in all projects. Check out the hooks for author Rhonda Kings on her You Tube channel.

A “book hook” is a 30, 60, or 90 second excerpt I read from your book (or some time close to those numbers). The reading is wrapped with graphics or video.

A book trailer is more like a movie trailer, with a greater focus on visuals. I create hooks or trailers to promote your book. View Rhonda’s You Tube Channel to see exactly how this is done.

Transform your written book into an audio book. Ask me for a sample read, which I’ll provide free of charge for your evaluation. If you like what you hear… let’s work together to bring your book to the audible world. If you already work with Carolyn Flower at Oxygen Publishing she has me on speed dial. Let’s do this!


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